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Baruch Business Solutions India Private Limited

Baruch Business Solutions India Private Limited is a young and innovative Revenue Cycle Management company California, serving Healthcare industry across US since 2016.

Baruch Business Solutions, or BBS for short, is a US-based company whose main goal is to help developing businesses in the medical industry maximize their profits by providing the option to outsource their billing, coding and credentialing. First established in 2016 by the entrepreneurs William Castellanos and Hamsavaradhan Mohan, our company has since grown to help small and medium companies by offering practice management tools and achieve both better revenue and recovery, this in order to fulfill our mission to deliver better healthcare for their patients healthcare practice management California, USA

BBS was founded by Hamsavardhan Mohan and William Castellanos on March, 8th 2016 to develop an innovative billing workflow to help providers across the USA. It rose rapidly from 2 individuals to 80+ employees within 4 years of time and it is dominating its other off-shore medical billing company across India.

Partnership with TLK Medical Group:

We are partnered with the TLK Medical Group, company which is centered around providing medical solutions with software developers and other technological advancements, specialized in logistics management and marketing. This coalition allows us to provide an even better service by outsourcing technology-based material to experts.

Our dedicated team learn Medical Practice specific desires and integrate that knowledge through the medical billing process. We embrace technology where it solve problems and makes the medical practices and our medical billing more efficient and productive. Medical Claims Billing takes great pride in the quality of our services and that starts with a great team. We add the right blend software and systems to an experienced team focused on medical billing and services.

Mission & Vision:

Our goal is to provide all states of the US with reliable, effective and clear health-care, available for anyone and everyone, we strive to reach this objective by providing top-notch solutions to help other companies flourish.

We provide end-to-end services and act as a mediator between insurance companies and hospitals or healthcare providers. We provide the output of the highest quality and accuracy.

Our End-to-End Medical Billing Services

1. Eligibility Verification/Pre-Insurance Verification
2. Medical Coding
3. Charges
4. Claims Transmission
5. Accounting
6. Accounts Receivable
7. Denial Management
8. Patient Account Management
9. Reporting
10. Credit Management
11. Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
12. Transcription Services

Who are we serving?

 Individual Providers
 Clinics
 Medical Practices
 Hospices & Skilled Nursing Facilities
 Hospitals
 DME Suppliers

medical billing company California, USA

Medical billing company California, USA