Healthcare Practices Industry California

November 26, 2019


Healthcare Practices Industry California

Healthcare Practice Industry California, Baruch Business Solutions India Private Limited (“BBS”) is a dedicated healthcare practice industry California, USA. Our healthcare practices industry serves clinics, hospitals and physicians as a revenue cycle management in California, USA. Our healthcare industry are innovative in helping provide small to big size hospitals & clinics in implementing medical billing, medical coding, EHR/PM Software and Transcription services in California, USA.


Healthcare Practice Industry California


Healthcare practices Industry California

Baruch Business Solutions, or BBS for short, is a US-based company whose main goal is to help developing businesses in the medical industry maximize their profits by providing the option to outsource their billing, coding and credentialing. First established in 2016 by the entrepreneurs William Castellanos and Hamsavaradhan Mohan, our company has since grown to help small and medium companies by offering practice management tools and achieve both better revenue and recovery, this in order to fulfill our mission to deliver better healthcare for their patients

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