Revenue Cycle Management California

November 30, 2019


Revenue Cycle Management California

Revenue Cycle Management Consulting company, Baruch Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd  serves medical doctors, clinics, and hospitals as a Revenue Cycle Management Consulting company California, USA. We are innovative in helping providers, small to big sized clinics & Hospitals in implementing EHR/PM software, billing, coding service ,Transcription services in California, USA. RCM Consulting service will provide information on your clients, from reporting and analytics all the way to contract management and self-pay collection. We provide either partial or full outsourcing of core revenue cycle operations, to relieve some of the stress of practices and to automate the cycle.

  •  Medical Billing
  •  Medical Coding
  •  Credentialing
  •  RCM Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services

  •  Institutional and professional coding and medical billing services
  •  Charge capture audit and assessment
  •  Underpayments, denials and appeals management
  •  Contract management
  •  Self-pay collections and insurance follow up
  •  Reporting and analytics
  •  Comprehensive AR management
  •  Full or partial outsourcing of core revenue cycle operations

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